"Fronted by swatches of catchy, smooth, distort-o-chords with a snappy rhythm section and tuneful vocals to boot, Blockhouses are making their way through the northeast to stage a show in Saratoga Springs on Monday … The band - Guy Lyons with guitar and vocals, Christopher Peifer with bass, keyboards and vocals, and Jim Balga on drums – is touring in support of their debut album, "Greatest Hit Songs of All Time." - Thomas Dimopoulos, Saratoga Today

"Attention fans of blistering NYC rock and roll:  Blockhouses has some really exciting news to share with all of you.  The band will be setting up camp at Kawari Sound in Philly in early February to record a brand new album.  Pete Donnelly of The Figgs (NRBQ, Shelby Lynne, Soul Asylum) will be pushing knobs and buttons as producer."  - Jetpack

“Blockhouses just released a new single, "One More Time To Get Home" b/w "Little Sweetie". It's actually the New York City trio's third single this year, and of course it's totally killer! A band named after a fort should be rock solid, and that's clearly the point. This single delivers that perfect blend of muscular guitars and catchy melodies on a pair of high quality tracks ... an absolutely dynamite band. Check out all of Blockhouses' singles over at their Bandcamp - and let's hope for more from this band in 2015!”  - Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

“Blockhouses is a trio from New York City with bare-bones, lo-fi blistering pop-punk. There won't be a more rock 'n' roll party this December.”  - David Malachowski, Albany Times Union

“There’s a shortage of no-frills rock & roll these days, but Blockhouses are keeping the flame alive. The New York City trio recreate the time-honored tradition of classic rock & roll — following the thread that connects the early rock & roll of Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry to the seminal ‘70s punk of The Ramones to the garage-pop renaissance of today. It’s all about great songs with catchy choruses, lyrics that people relate to, and live punk-rock energy. The band came together in 2013 after singer-guitarist Guy Lyons — a pivotal member of The Figgs back when the hooky, brash power-pop band was on Capitol Records — pledged a return to rock & roll. Looking to carry the torch for bare-knuckle, sing-along rock, he joined forces with bassist Christopher Peifer (The Kowalskis) and drummer Jim Balga, and Blockhouses were born.”  - Jetpack

“Former Figgs guitarist, Guy Lyons parted ways with the band back in the day in order to complete his college education and start a family, but he didn’t stop writing music. During the past year or so, he’s been recording some rockin’ good demos.  It took a while for Lyons to gather together just the right bandmates, but bassist Christopher Peifer and drummer Jim Balga fit the bill perfectly.  The name of Lyons’ new rockin’ power-pop trio is Blockhouses, so keep your eyes and ears open for ‘em…  Capital Region folk might also know Chris Peifer as a former member of the Staziaks. The recording of a new release is underway – sounds killer. Stay tuned for an Albany show in early 2014.”  - Nippertown, Albany, NY

Guy Lyons Q&A with Nippertown

Christopher Peifer Q&A with Nippertown

“A bit of fantastic ass-kicking rock and roll from Blockhouses!”  - Wayne Lundqvist Ford, The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More (Sweden)

Best of 2015:  Kirsten Ferguson’s Top 10 shows, Nippertown (Albany)

5/5 Stars, “Blockhouses” LP  - 1001 Records